Creating with Kauri Exhibition Opening
7 Sep 2020

Creating with Kauri Maker Series No.2 Jewellery Exhibition opening.

Sunday afternoon saw the opening of the second Creating with Kauri exhibition at The Kauri Museum. Last year the Museum kicked off the series by supplying local artists with kauri timber to make sculpture. This year the Museum supplied contemporary jewellers from across the country, along with local artists, with a piece of kauri timber and a piece of kauri gum. Ninety eight pieces of jewellery were delivered to the museum and have been brought together in the display.

Level 2 restrictions saw the exhibition opening take on a social distancing component, and meant that jewellers from outside the area did not come to the opening. The 50 people who did attend were welcomed by Museum Board Chair Athol Cartwright.

A short presentation by Museum General Manager Dr Tracey Wedge followed. Creative Northland General Manager Hinurewa te Hau then spoke about the importance of the creative sector to the region.

Groups were invited to view the exhibition in their ‘bubble’, others waited their turn and were able to read the extensive exhibition catalogue while making their own piece of kauri gum jewellery from materials supplied by The Kauri Museum.

‘The exhibition showcases some of New Zealand’s leading contemporary jewellers and their response to the kauri materials provided,’ said Dr Tracey Wedge. ‘It is through initiatives like this we raise the awareness of the importance of the kauri to our past, present and future.

The jewellery is for sale and the exhibition runs until February.

Photo: Participating artists, from left: Robert Mora, John Ecuyer and Stephen Davies.