The Kauri Industry

Come and explore our collection of big machines, steam engines and an extraordinary array of tools and devices that had their place in the kauri timber and gum industries. Our extensive chainsaw collection and mighty Axemen exhibition are not to be missed. Keep an eye on our events calendar to make sure you visit when we fire up the fully operational machines.

The Mounted Rifles

Founded in 1900 the Otamatea Mounted Rifles, joined with other Northland Companies to make up the North Auckland Mounted Rifles. The New Zealand Mounted Rifles Brigade comprised around 22% of the New Zealand Expeditionary Force which left New Zealand in 1914 for the First World War. The Kauri Museum displays North Auckland Mounted Rifles artefacts and photographs in a permanent exhibition.


Tudor Collins

New Zealand photographer Tudor Collins is perhaps best known for his work in the Kauri forest. In his later years, Tudor joined forces with two other kauri tree fanatics – A.H. Reed and Mervyn Sterling in preserving the kauri story. They shared a passion to promote the conservation of the remaining forests and preserve the history of the kauri timber and gum industries. These three significant men became founding members of The Kauri Museum itself. Tudor Collins generously bequeathed his photographic works of the kauri forests to the Museum.
“Trees that took a thousand or more years to grow were felled in a day, and it is not without feelings of shame that we reflect on the devastation that was wrought among the giants of the forest…” – Tudor Collins


Taonga Māori (Māori treasures)

Discover the taonga of Northland that now rest with the museum. These treasures bring us together, developing awareness of traditional techniques and ways of life.

They invite us to discover the connections and relationships between peoples which made pioneering life possible in these once wild and remote places.



Otamatea Family Collections

Many local families have gifted pieces, or bequeathed collections, to the Museum. We are proud to tell their stories and share their treasures with you.

From trophies to magnificent timber panels, beautifully made carvings, busts and marquetry, these collections are an important stop in The Kauri Museum’s art trail.

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