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JohnCart - Silverdale, New ZealandTRIP ADVISOR - Review of The Kauri Museum
Fascinating Place
Reviewed 6 March 2020

Doesn't look very big from the road, but, wow! When you get inside it's amazing. I think this is a better museum for early NZ history than Te Papa. Well worth a visit. And then another visit!
JohnCart - Silverdale, New Zealand
TRIP ADVISOR - Review of The Kauri Museum
Andrea Mueller -  SwitzerlandRANKERS.CO.NZ - Review of The Kauri Museum
Well worth a visit
Reviewed March 2019

A museum where you can spend a lot of time. Good before you are going to see the kauri trees. The museum is very interesting and varied.
Andrea Mueller - Switzerland
RANKERS.CO.NZ - Review of The Kauri Museum
HelenOberg - Brisbane, AustraliaTRIP ADVISOR - Review of The Kauri Museum
Step Back In Time
Reviewed 5 February 2020

An absolutely stunning and comprehensive display of kauri tree logging and milling. Room displays of early pioneering life are excellent too. Furniture displays showed off a high standard of craftsmanship. Staff are friendly and gave excellent advice on how to progress through the museum. Allow at least 3 hours to view it all.
HelenOberg - Brisbane, Australia
TRIP ADVISOR - Review of The Kauri Museum
Chicagoehc - ChicagoTRIP ADVISOR - Review of The Kauri Museum
A Tree Musuem - a must see!
Reviewed 14 Feb 2020

I was skeptical myself, but thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon. There is something for everyone - the history of the tree but also the culture, immigration, furniture making, pioneers, lessons on machinery and nearly everything on gum-digging - and so much more. The family and peel off and see what interests them. There are arts and crafts nearby and a few coffee shops/restaurants too. Plus rest rooms.
Chicagoehc - Chicago
TRIP ADVISOR - Review of The Kauri Museum
Stefano M - Penang Island, Malaysia.TRIP ADVISOR - Review of The Kauri Museum
Enlighting visit
Reviewed 21 February 2020

The museum is quite vast and describes in great detail the history of the great kauri tree and its exploitation. With a detailed reconstruction of sawmills and housing of the kauri-felling time, it is a compelling piece of reported history. It is the second time I visit it, and will go again.
Stefano M - Penang Island, Malaysia.
TRIP ADVISOR - Review of The Kauri Museum
PAAbee - East Greenville, PATRIP ADVISOR - Review of The Kauri Museum
A Must See Treat of a Tree History!
Reviewed 5 February 2020

The Kauri museum is a living testament to one of the North Island's greatest resources - the Kauri tree, long sacred to the Maori and a former, formidable staple in New Zealand's economy. The museum has successfully created an interesting and comprehensive review of the interwoveness of Maori religion, culture, history, value, usefulness of this magnificent tree. You might feel "how exciting can a tree be?," but such is not the case. It is an exquisitely prepared and presented display including huge pieces of the tree complete with milling tools and equipment, historical artifacts, tooling, beautiful hand crafted furniture, Kauri amber, finely detailed, three-dimensional dioramas, etc. It is truly a one-stop shop to get acquainted and introduced to a fabulous resource and enormous piece of New Zealand. The property also boasts a church, post office, one-room schoolhouse that can also be toured. Docents are available and well-versed on materials related to the museum.

If you have an hour or 2-3 hours or more, you can truly be entertained, educated and awed by what this place has to offer. This TripAdvisor reviewer would go again to spend a bit more time in various portions of the exhibits if he found himself in Matakohe again. It is certainly time well spent.
PAAbee - East Greenville, PA
TRIP ADVISOR - Review of The Kauri Museum