Part Two of our Maker Series of Exhibitions

Theme: Jewellery | Exhibition - 6 September to 28 February 2021

See this year’s stunning creations by top NZ artists and craftspeople. Each exhibitor is given one piece of kauri timber and either one piece of gum or six gum nuggets to create their interpretation of this year’s theme. There is something on display to suit everyone’s taste and all works are for sale.

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Kauri is unparalleled as a timber for carving, cabinetry and building. The hardest of the soft woods with a clean, straight grain make it a gift for the woodworker’s tools. The timber has its own inner glow that shines through every piece. Kauri gum is Aotearoa/New Zealand’s version of amber.

Creating with Kauri Exhibition | September to February 2021

Extruded from the kauri tree as an opaque, sticky resin, over thousands of years the gum transforms to a hard clear jewel. Kauri timber and gum were harvested through the 19th and early 20th century, contributing significantly to the economy of the country. Less than 4% of our kauri forests remain.
At the Museum we tell the story of these industries, and the people who were part of our history. We also engage with the present challenges for our kauri forests and have an active kauri planting programme.

The Creating with Kauri series uses timber and gum that was sourced decades ago and has been in storage at the Museum. It is time to re-engage these resources in our present to help us create a sustainable future for our kauri forests through keeping the kauri story relevant to new audiences.

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