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The Museum Object Hunt 

This is best done on a desk computer, but can be done on a phone or tablet if you have one.

Take a look at the objects below – you’ll be looking for them soon.  The objects are displayed in the Sterling Wing of the Kauri Museum, which is a full sized copy of a house from about 1880-1920.  It has original furniture and decoration, and lifelike models wearing clothes from the time.

The instructions for entering the Virtual Tour and starting the hunt are at the bottom of the page.

Antique clock
Antique teddybear
Antique clock
Antique gloves
Antique calendar
Antique piano
Antique tiles with seashells
Kauri gum chess set
Antique washbasin and jug
Antique Ericsson Phone
Antique Laundry Wringer
Painting of girl

Click here to explore the rooms and find the objects 

Move around the rooms by using your mouse to point and click where you want to go, or scrolling to enlarge. On a phone or tablet  you can tap to move.

  • There are a lot of clocks in the rooms. Can you find the one that says twenty to six, and listen to its chime?

  • Where is the telephone? Why is it on the wall?

  • Find the piano. Ask someone in your family to tell you a story they remember about music from when they were a child. You can listen to the music these people would play on the piano after their afternoon tea.

  • Find the chessboard. What games do you play today that your parents and grandparents also played when they were little? Ask them about their favourite games. Maybe find a game that you can all play together!

  • Can you find a teddy bear, and see what it is riding?

  • What colour is Jeannie's dress?

  • Where are the seashells in the bedroom where the lace is being chosen?

  • What is the mother-of-the-bride holding in her left hand? Can you find a washbasin? If you lived in 1900, what would you miss more than hot running water?

  • Find the wringer washer. What chores do you have to do at home? Which do you like most and which do you like least? Why? How old is the calendar in the laundry?

  • Can you list five similarities between your house and this one? How about five differences?

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