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Open daily - FREE ENTRY.

These beautiful gardens are located opposite the museum on Church Road and at other sites within the heritage precinct. The planting of more than 120 heritage roses has been recognised by the New Zealand Heritage Rose Society with an award of Nationally Significant Planting of Historic Roses. The rose collection is catalogued and includes popular names such as Charles de Mills, Cecile Brunner, La France and Mutabilis.


We are grateful for the support of volunteers from Heritage Roses Northland who care for this magnificent collection.

Kauri museum rose garden.jpg


This new cycle trail is being developed in sections to form a trail through the Kaipara.

The first part follows a route that incorporates the old one lane bridges of Matakohe. It's suitable for families and a great way to explore the Kaipara coastline, with its native bush sections and gentle rural landscapes. A stunning pou grounds the trail to the whenua in this place. Carved by master carver Te Warihi Hetaraka the sculpture speaks of the weaving together of the people from the four corners of the earth, called by the manu (bird) atop the pou, as we come together as one.

cycle Trail test.jpg


Suitable for children and an easy opportunity to enjoy the unique kauri forest environment.

Located at the end of Sterling Road (turn left at the fork), this stunning grove of kauri is just 3.6km from the Kauri Museum. A 15 minute boardwalk loop through kauri forest is gentle and is suitable for children, and is a perfect opportunity to enjoy the unique kauri forest environment. 


The reserve was purchased in 1954 as a memorial to the Pre-World War 1 Kauri Bushmen. FIND OUT MORE

kauri musem bushmans reserve.jpg


Located opposite The Kauri Museum.

The Church was built as a tribute to New Zealand born Prime Minister, the Rt. Hon Gordon Joseph Coates, born and raised in Matakohe. The Coates Memorial Church is available for weddings and funerals. The Church is set in the historic Matakohe Cemetery which is open to the public and is the resting place of both early families to the area and local residents. MORE INFORMATION

kauri museum coates memorial cemetry.jpg


Open daily - FREE ENTRY.

Erected in1866-67 this beautifully preserved kauri timber church is set in stunning heritage rose gardens with a view over rolling pastures. The church and grounds are suitable for intimate ceremonies of up to 50 guests, or as a location for wedding photos. It has an organ, beautiful stained glass windows and ornate lamps. CONTACT US

Kauri Museum pioneer church.jpg


Open daily - FREE ENTRY.

From 1909 to 1988 the Matakohe Post Office acted as a centre for the local community. The building itself was built from kauri milled locally. The services offered at the Post Office included postal, banking, telephone, marriage licenses, and official government applications. The office display features dressed models and original equipment. It includes a fascinating exhibition of old telephones and the manual telephone exchange in the Postmaster’s Residence.

kauri museum matakohe post office.jpg
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