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Tudor Collins

Born in Northland, Tudor Collins (1899-1970) was a bushman, seaman, businessman and farmer. But he is best known as a photographer, leaving extensive collections of work including naval, big-game fishing and news photography. 

Collins joined forces with two other kauri tree fanatics – A.H. Reed and Mervyn Sterling – in preserving the kauri story. They shared a passion to promote the conservation of the remaining forests and preserve the history of the kauri timber and gum industries. The three men became founding members of the Kauri Museum, and Collins generously bequeathed his photographic works of the kauri forests to the Museum.

“Trees that took a thousand or more years to grow were felled in a day, and it is not without feelings of shame that we reflect on the devastation that was wrought among the giants of the forest…” – Tudor Collins

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