Gifting to the collection

Without the generosity of previous donors to the Museum, our wondrous collection would not exist today. The Kauri Museum’s collection has continued to grow and mature over the years, providing a rich repository describing the kauri tree and kauri industry as well as our local pioneering history. Like many museums we are approaching capacity in terms of storage and display. This has resulted in a need to carefully plan and prepare for any new donations.

As a general rule “unsolicited donations” or “drop offs” of documents and objects offered to the Museum collection without prior arrangement will no longer be accepted into the Museum. If collection staff are available, the items may be photographed and details taken in the shop office, but the items will not be accepted into the Museum at this time.

All items offered for donation must be approved by a Collections Acquisitions Committee, who meet on a regular basis to review proposed additions to the collection. The Collection Manager will present the proposed donation to the committee and the piece will be evaluated based on the criteria outlined in our Collection Acquisition Policy, which is focused on collecting items of cultural property that record aspects of the kauri industry and local pioneers. Note:

  1. “Local pioneers” are considered to have settled or lived in the old Otamatea region, ideally between 1820 and 1945.
  2. Acquisitions relating to “the kauri industry” can be of any era or region; however it is preferred items are from Northland and from between 1820 and 1945.

In addition to these criteria, items will also be assessed under the following considerations:

  • Do we need it to fill a vacancy in the collection?
  • Do we have the resources to preserve and house fragile and/or vulnerable items?
  • Do we have the space to store it adequately?
  • Is it of exhibition standard/can we share it with the public?

Once it is determined that an object qualifies for acquisition and the Acquisitions Committee votes to accept it, the donor will be contacted to arrange the delivery of the piece to the Museum.

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