Heritage buildings

Post Office

From 1909 to 1988 the kauri built post office acted as a centre for the local community. Services offered included postal, banking, telephone, marriage licenses, and official government applications. The office display features dressed models and original equipment.

The Post Office was the centre of every rural community. It provided communication with the outside world by not only postal services, but with telephone exchanges.

The Matakohe Post Office was purchased in 1989 and was shifted to the Museum grounds. It now includes an exhibition of old telephones and the manual telephone exchange in the Postmaster’s Residence.


Pioneer Church

Going to church was a major part of the pioneer settler’s lives in Matakohe.

Built in 1867, the Matakohe Church was built of kauri timber and served as a school, community building and non-denominational Church used mainly by Anglicans and Methodists.

The beautiful Matakohe Church has been refurbished and is still used on special occasions.

Pioneer School

Early education began in Matakohe in 1878. The Pioneer School is Matakohe’s first original school building, complete with desks, pens, books, maps and more. The domain of “Miss Strict” is a special treat.

Visitors can also enjoy a peaceful bush walk located by the school.

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